What's going on with the boat?

After ten years living on Tarquilla we have moved to land. I'm often asked if we love the house or miss the boat and the real answer is - both. We still have Tarquilla and we are open to all options at the moment as far as her future is concerned. We will carry on working on her, it would be great to be able to sail her again. The Scilly Isles, Portishead marina, Bristol harbour and Falmouth are all places we have talked about as well as many others further afield. But, on the other hand, if a family was looking for a boat, ready to do the preparation she needs and wanted to take her on then we would sell her. She is not ready to sail off into the sunset but has a lot of life left in her. If you or someone you know would be interested then please contact us. She is 3 ply cold moulded, 42 foot long, one off design built in the 1960's. She has 2 double cabins and 2 single berths, a good size saloon, a decent size galley, head and a covered cockpit. She has two engines and a full suit of sails. We have lots more photos and can provide more details or answer questions. In the meantime, this blog has come to a natural pause for now as we take on new adventures.

Adverbially challenged - taking part in a writing challenge

A fiendishly clever idea. To helpfully raise some cash for a charity and enjoyably play with words. Chris has cleverly orchestrated an anthology of wittily written prose. Writing two of the tickly little pieces helped keep me busily entertained over the chillingly long winter. Speedily buy the book – please! Thankfully, me.

I was ticking along nicely with NaNoWriMo back in November last year and was 45,836 words in when life got in the way. I didn't manage to get back to writing for a while after that even though there were projects sat looking at me, waiting for my attention; my brain was having none of it. I started looking around for something just to spur me on.

The annual 50,000 word writing challenge

The answer came in the form of an old family friend. Chris and I grew up together in a town on the coast of the Bristol Channel. He runs a website full of information and competitions and generally aims to support and help out people who enjoy writing. The gauntlet was laid down to write a short piece (90 words) using as many adjectives as possible. It was fun to play around with different ideas and actually break all the rules. Mike's Not-Entirely-Serious Wantonly-Rule-Breaking Adverb Writing Challenge (to give it it's proper title) was certainly an interesting challenge.  Chris’ challenge was much bigger – to wrangle those pieces into a book and then take it to market. Not something he is a stranger too as this is far from his first book. This is the second volume of adverb laden prose and contains gems from a wide range of people.

Once upon a time, home was a town on the Bristol Channel

Not only was this a kick to get back writing again and a chance to find out more about self publishing but also a chance to raise money for a great charity. For each book sold a pound will be donated to First Story. This is a charity that matches talented professional writers with schools in low income areas. Bringing the opportunities and challenges of creative writing to children can be life changing. The affect on confidence, communication and just the general thrill of writing and freeing their creativity has a hugely positive impact on the children.

It has been fun to be involved (admittedly in a very small way) in this project/book and it is great to have something positive come from this winter. If you are interested in joining in any of the many writing challenges then have a look at Chris' website, if you are keen to support First Story then please buy the book , thank you.


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