Thursday, 3 March 2016

World book day 2016 - resource books

World book day is all about celebrating books and reading. I thought that this year we would share some of our favourite practical resources. Most of them are availabe as e-books too which make them even more practical.

For dreamers:
All in the same boat Fiona McCall & Paul Howard
Cruising in Serrafyn Lin & Larry Pardy
Sailing alone around the world Captain Joshua Slocum
For planners and preparers:
The cruising woman’s advisor Diana Jessie
Storm tactics handbook Lin & Larry Pardy
Voyaging on a small income Annie Hill
Pilot guides and/or almanac to the cruising area we are in or heading to
French Bloc Marine Atlantique 2014.
Tarquilla is just about visible on the visitors pontoon in this picture
For planners and cruisers:
Shell Channel Pilot Tom Cunliffe
How to read a nautical chart Nigel Calder
World Cruising routes Jimmy Cornell
Collins photo phrase books
Collins wild guide to the seashore
If you just fancy a good fiction read with some boats blended in how about trying Becalmed or Sailing out of Darkness by Normandie Fischer, Daedalus and the deep by Matthew Willis or Attention all shipping: A journey round the shipping forecast by Charlie Connelly.
Are there any books that you have read and think others should know about or may enjoy?
Whatever you are reading, enjoy the adventure.
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For a longer list of sailing and boat related books try this link for my Goodreads boat shelf


  1. Hi Sarah,
    What a small world!! 'All in the same boat' caught my eye. Fiona and Paul's daughter, Penny McCall Howard, is a good friend of mine. We did our PhDs together in Aberdeen. Long before I was married, had kids of my own, or even dreamed of one day setting sail with kids, Penny was regaling me with stories of her childhood as a liveaboard kid sailing to far flung exotic locations. Her boating abilities (which she put to good use during her PhD research) are inspriring!

  2. Wow, small world isn't it! It was certainly a book which insired us :)