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All ships signal for the Queen

Brass ships horn This weekend Britain has been marking the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. She has served for 70 years on the throne and people across the country have joined in many different events over a four day bank holiday to mark the occasion. On Saturday we joined in the all ships salute presented by merchant, naval and pleasure vessels all round the coast of Britain. At 12pm boats gave one long blast on their signal horns, joining together in a discordant but not unpleasant note. Often heard at midnight on New Years Eve, the noise of many vessels sounding their horns in unison is quite an experience.  Looking across Plymouth Sound on the Jubilee weekend Vessels are required to carry sound equipment which is usually used for far more serious purposes. The International regulations for preventing collisions at sea (commonly referred to as COLREGS) are the general rules of the road for all vessels on the high seas and waters used by sea going vessels. Part D - Sound and light signa

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