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A new land base

We've just moved to a land base. 10 years on the boat and we were struggling to carry on fixing her around 5 adult size people, a dog and all our stuff. The youngest was 4 years old when we moved on board. He learnt his port and starboard and could put his own lifejacket on before he learnt his left and right or how to put on a seat belt. Its been our way of life for a long time. I was asked the other day what difference moving to land had made to our lives. At the time we had only been in a week, it was Christmas and we had mainly been at work or unpacking so hadn't really had a chance to think about it. It was however, a very good question. We're missing the sea and living to its rhythm and moods. One morning we didn't realise it was raining and windy until we opened the front door. I haven't watched a sunset since we moved into the house and don't know if we are on springs or neaps. We don't just walk along the waters edge, see the ripples of light on the

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