Monday, 26 February 2018

Liebster award

A question and answer blog about living on a boat and cruising.

The Liebster award is all about bloggers recognizing other bloggers. Working together and finding out about others blogs and what they are writing is part of the enjoyment. This award was intended to promote the discovery of blogs you may not have come across, the blog itself is for anyone to enjoy.

It has been around for a while but the push for me writing this blog is that the collaborative sailors blog The monkeys fist is running the topic this month. These questions were set by Life afloat. Their boat looks amazing and their blog is very readable.

So, on to the questions.
  • What got you started on boats/sailing/cruising?

The decision to sell the house and do something with the money we were earning rather than plough it into a mortgage. We decided to look at our options and sailing offered the freedom to travel. We had spent a lot of time on and around the water before that point but had never properly sailed until we started preparing for moving on board. We started with a 17 foot trailer sailor which was a really good for learning about both sailing and looking after the boat.

  • What was your life like, pre-boat?  What did you do for recreation?

3 toddlers/very young children, full time job for the skipper, various part time jobs for me that worked around the children, semi-detached house and a nice life in Somerset. Not much time for going out but we did enjoy going walking and canoeing. We were happy, the children were growing but we felt that once we had thought about going travelling we would always wonder 'what if' if we didn't go. Leaving the town - and the neighbours! - was as sad as it was exciting.

  • What's the most unlikely thing you currently have aboard?

A 1907 hand cranked sewing machine. We actually have 2 Singer sewing machines which might be quite unusual - unless you know otherwise!

  • Tell us about your first night at anchor.

We were off the west coast of France and shattered from travelling. There had been no room at the previous couple of anchorages we had tried and were just grateful to be able to sink the hook and take it in turns to go to sleep.

It was a really long night nodding off and intermittently checking that we hadn't dragged the anchor. The Skipper forgot to tell me that I only had to check every 20 minutes so my watch consisted of me trying and failing to stay awake, coming to with a jump every now and then.

In the morning it was incredible. Calm water, a beautiful island and perfect peace. We enjoyed our breakfast, pulled up the anchor and set sail.

  • If money were no object, what addition/change would you make to your present boat?

She is undergoing a fairly full refit as it is. I don't know that we would spend any more than we plan to as we are being sensible about where to spend and where to save.

With a lottery win though we might possibly sell it and replace her with one of these:

  • Aside from finances (we all have that issue), how has boat life changed you?

It made us more relaxed, more of a team, more aware of the world around us. It gave us the chance to look at life more slowly and appreciate the little things. My Dad used to quote WH Davies
'What is this life, if, full of care,
we have no time to stand and stare...'
I think that changing our lives gave us that chance to look around us.
We also met people from other countries who we count as friends and learned about living in someone else's country which possibly/hopefully makes us more understanding of others.


  • Most bloggers have a story about someone they met through their blog, or an amusing connection or opportunity that happened because of their blogging ... what's yours?

We've met some interesting people, in real life and on line. I've recently found several local bloggers who have introduced me to other lives and viewpoints. It has been interesting and fun reading their blogs and introduced me to all sorts of new things.

  • Give us a link to your most popular blog post.

A fairly recent one about a not very fun day

  • And to one that you think deserves a wider audience.

I wrote this one not long after we returned to Britain about some of the foods we had missed whilst we were away. Funnily enough when we returned to France recently we realised how many French foods we missed and enjoyed many of our favourites.

Thanks to Life Afloat for setting these question. Now to passing the award on and if you are reading this, that is your invitation to join in. Plymouth Bloggers I'd particularly love to see the answers to your questions so I am making mine more general:

  • What was the final push that made you hit publish on your first blog
  • What blog you've written has your favourite picture(s) in it
  • Give me a link to your most popular blog post
  • Where is the strangest place you have written a blog post
  • Give me a link to a post you've written that is about the sea or a boat
  • What quote sums up your blogging
  • Tell me about someone you have met through blogging or about an opportunity it has given you

I look forward to reading your answers. Enjoy thinking about them and I'd love to see a link to your answers in the comments.

Edit 6/3/18: I was hoping to also give a virtual high five to and invite the following blogs to join in but somehow didn't! To The Pirates Payne, Selling up and sailing, Carina of Devon, Yafit Davis and Squidges scribbles, I'd love to see your answers or a link to an old Liebster if you have already done one.


  1. It must be fascinating to live on a boat - I'm sure you do meet all sorts of people, and have a lot of great experiences/adventures. Thanks for sharing a little bit here.


    1. Thanks Lauren, We certainly enjoy it - even in this weather! Sarah

  2. What a cool experience. Sometimes I dream of full time traveling with our family, but it just isn't for us right now. If it weren't for the whole pesky job issue I would totally do it!

    1. I love the way you say not right now rather than never! Happy adventuring :)