Thursday, 17 November 2016

Learning with YouTube

The interweb offers so much but there's a lot to wade through to get to the good stuff. We started watching some channels to augment our learning when we were home schooling but some of them we enjoyed so much we still watch them now.

I thought I'd put together a list of some of our favourites to share with others who like learning at home either a part of schooling or just for fun. A lot of them are science based and suit us as a family, most of them appealing to all of us. (Our boys are aged between 9 and 14)
They might be useful for homeschoolers and also for anyone who just enjoys knowing stuff. Let me know if there is anything brilliant you think we are missing out on :)
‘Exploring unexpected scientific subjects’
Taking elements one at a time and exploring them. Filmed at Nottingham University.
Numberphile: (in fact almost anything by Brady Haran)
One for the maths lovers
Both of these two use really clever graphcs to explain various concepts and ideas in a really easy to understand way. 
'Our world is amazing' - all sorts of interesting things
Hank and John explore various complicated issues making them easier to understand 
Politics, economics, geography and British culture
I'd love to find a good grammar/punctuation/literature but haven't managed to find one yet. Any recommendations would be welcomed as would any suggestions for other sites that you enjoy.

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