Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The refit (part two)

The re-fit is continuing with more holes being made in the boat as the Skipper replaces rotten wood and makes general improvements.
Sorting out the ventilation and insulation has been a major job. The aim is to keep the temperature steady and allow free air flow. This keeps mould growth, which is a problem in all boats, under control. The Skipper has been fitting thicker insulation throughout, added extra vents and has made wooden Dorade boxes which allow air in but keep rain/spray/waves out. There seems to be something about ventilation funnels which means that old ones from big ships are often re-purposed around coastal areas as rubbish bins or statues.
The Dorade box and funnel from outside

The skippers plan of how it works

The Dorade ventilation box was originally built in 1929 by Olin Stephens who was an American yacht designer. He used it on the ocean racing yacht Dorade and apart from a few minor modifications through the 1930's the basic design is now used on most sea going vessels.

The central arch in the front of the boat is now a sail cupboard giving us extra storage space and giving more rigidity to the boats structure. We have to be strong enough to take a battering from waves but stay flexible enough to bend with them. This means that the front room has been split into two smaller rooms which have been/are being done up for two of the deckhands. The eldest will keep the bigger back bedroom but will have to share it with some storage. At least boxes don’t snore.

As well as building, we have been doing some safety stuff. The smoke alarms have been replaced, the fire extinguishers checked and the life raft has been sent off for its service.
The life raft - currently off adventuring on its own

Work has started on the galley (kitchen) too with changes to storage, a new fitted bin and lots of research into cookers and table-tops. Outside, the sails have gone back up and the decks have been cleaned down after the winter.

stack of insulation sheets waiting to be fitted

More to come with the next stage of work.


13/5/15 title changed for continuity!

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