Saturday, 7 March 2015

What is a book?

There is something special about holding a real paper book. Opening it up, turning the pages, putting in a book mark. Even the satisfying noise as you shut it whether in satisfaction or frustration.
I thought that I would miss all of these things with a Kindle and was reluctant at first to try it. I’m not quite sure why in my mind it was a case of ‘one or the other’. Having got Kindles shortly after we moved onto the boat we quickly realised that they were a brilliant addition to ‘real’ books.
A library book older than me. Complete with a lovely
old book feel and smell
Whilst we were away we were able to order books for birthday presents for each other, for boat school and useful (or even essential!) manuals. We didn’t need an address for delivery and we got them immediately. When you are cruising, deliveries can be difficult and space for any type of storage is limited.
Since we have been back in England the Kindles have proved useful for commuting. I’m reading War and Peace on the bus at the moment - I don’t think that a copy of the book would fit into my work bag.
My Kindle in its
easy-to-find-in-my-bag/bus-proof/being-battered-proof case.
We have also uploaded PDF files to the Kindle which opens up a whole new world of reading. For anyone wanting to read articles, work documents or study material on the go this is perfect.
I thought before that the book was the important part and couldn’t see the advantage to a Kindle. I’m now converted and enjoy both. I’ve come to realise that the book is the words on the page not the physical form that we use in order to enjoy it.
World Book Day 2015 was on Wednesday March 5th

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