Thursday, 5 February 2015

Decisions, decisions...

We recently received our bill for renewing our contract with the marina. There were lots of options for us to consider. As the deckhands are so happy at their schools and I have a new job, moving out of the area is not something we are planning in the near future. We are also probably in the best marina, for us, out of the choice in the area.


One option was to sign a contract for a set number of years, the number was up to us and that would give us the biggest discount on our ‘rent’. We gave it some thought. Then we thought some more.


Our eldest has just started secondary school and will be there for at least six more years. At this point the middle deckhand will be in the middle of exams and once he has completed these the littlest will be coming up to the start of the two year courses which lead to whatever exams will be taken by 15/16 year olds by then. That means that really we are looking at ten years being a reasonable amount of time to intend staying put.


That is a long time.


I think back to what our life was like ten years ago and how much has changed in that time. We think back to all we have done over the last ten years, how much the children have changed. There were only two of them ten years ago - one a toddler, the other a babe in arms. We had no idea then that we would end up where we are now. How on earth can we second guess what our lives will be like in another ten years.


Things change. Life changes, people change. Somehow we just all baulked at the thought of restricting ourselves in such a way. Even mortgages don’t do that. If you get a mortgage then decide to move you can transfer the mortgage or pay it off or any number of options (negative equity and other complications aside).


We made a decision in the end and paid for another year.

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