Thursday, 20 November 2014

Why do people blog?

Many cruisers have their own blog recording their adventures and they are all very individual. For us it was a way of sharing our news and pictures with friends and family wherever they were. We enjoyed being able to tell our stories in this way and over time we realised what a good record it was for ourselves too, a sort of diary which was nice to look back at. Now I blog because I enjoy it and we do sometimes have interesting things to share from our life onboard…I hope.
My biggest advice to anyone thinking of starting a blog is to always treat everything as if it could be seen by anyone. There are ways to keep things fairly quiet if you want to – privacy settings, never linking your blog, not using tags etc. Bear in mind though that I have seen, more than once, a blog with a smallish following hitting the news and what was written as a conversation with just a handful of people becoming public fodder. In one case the blog received thousands of hits and was minutely dissected on the internet and television.
It's up to you how much you share and how much you keep private


But sharing is one of the joys of blogging. Some of our blog articles are now linked to various cruising sites, where information is shared to help each other out in the sailing community. The teacher side of me likes to see it as sharing and passing on information, the nursing side of me sees it as people using an evidence base! Whichever way you choose to look at it, having others people’s views and ideas at your fingertips can be an advantage, even if it is just to help you decide how not to do things.
This handsome fellow seemed to think that watching
me hanging the washing out was quite interesting
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