Thursday, 27 November 2014


Plymouth, Devon is steeped in history and many events which have shaped the world have their roots in this oceanic city.
In 1620, the Pilgrim Fathers left from Sutton Harbour aboard Mayflower bound for America. It hadn’t been planned that way. They had originally left Holland in two boats but when Speedwell started sinking they had to be diverted and an inspection found her unfit to go on. Such is the nature of boats, especially wooden ones. So it was just a twist of fate that made Plymouth the final departure point for the group to head for the New World.
After a rough journey across the notorious Atlantic they arrived in what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts.
The Mayflower steps are a very popular tourist stop in the old Barbican area of Plymouth and many plaques around the spot describe and commemorate the departure. On the wall of a nearby shop is a sign listing the names of all the passengers and crew of Mayflower.
Plymouth Sound


This year a Thanksgiving service is being held by the Mayflower steps and plans are underway to mark the 200th anniversary in 6 years time with some sort of joint commemoration between the two Plymouths.
Happy Thanksgiving America and to all Americans, wherever you are.

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