Friday, 26 September 2014

Playing with words

I enjoy playing with words. In the last few weeks I’ve wrestled some into ‘evidence of competence’ documentation, arranged some into blogs, scribbled more into letters, thrown a few at various emails, filed several onto official forms and wrangled a large amount of words into an embryonic essay.

We have also now seen part of an article written for a boating magazine which has finally arrived back from editing having been slightly delayed in the system. It is likely that the tale of our outward adventure will be published in the Spring.
There is something special about words. Re-arranging them can create such different ideas and visions. The knowledge that we can share an experience, a thought or even a feeling with others in a tangible way shows the power of the written word. Through blogs we have been able to follow and stay in touch with several other cruisers, to see where they are and a little of what they have seen.
Many people have suggested to us that we should write a book about our adventure. Obviously I would love to do this but the market for cruising books is saturated. So many others have the idea to write about their travels yet interestingly many people suggest that we write a book as they have not seen any about cruising. It is a niche market and not widely recognised. We have an idea to come at the project from a slightly different angle, it may not ever get published but would still be a nice record for us to keep for ourselves. Once again we will not know if it is possible if we do not try.
So, once the essay is polished and the new job contract signed, writing about the big adventure will be much further up the priority list - sounds like a good winter project sifting through memories.


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