Saturday, 1 March 2014

Where do you put the souvenirs on a boat?

On a boat there is a limited space for storing things. Many cruisers come up with different ways to keep mementoes of their travels in a way that takes up as little room as possible. We’ve got quite a lot of souvenirs now – a whole bag full. Every place that we have visited we have tried to get a map. Most of them are from tourist information offices and the boys love taking it in turns to go in and ask for one. In some more remote places this has not been possible but we now have a collection of about 70.

Maps and tickets.

There are other things that we have amassed along the way too - a hoard of leaflets from events, bread wrappers, ribbon, confetti and a variety of tickets amongst other bits. All of these things relate to some memory of our trip.

There are also various postcards. Sometimes it is impossible to take a photo of something particular to an area like the lagoon at Bourgenay, a style of clothing or a view of a lighthouse which we have passed but not as closely as the helicopter that took the picture!

Weather reports, leaflets, bread wrappers, ribbon and a list of Basque words
 written out for us by a friendly waiter in Hondarribia.

What will we do with all these things? At the moment I have no idea but they certainly make a lovely collection full of memories.

Some things we have collected are more practical – a crêpe pan, water bottles, a moulé pot and several new mugs to replace ones broken along the way for example. These are souvenirs that we use and enjoy and hopefully will continue to do so for a while to come.

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