Saturday, 27 July 2013

Schools out for summer.

As spring went on and slowly everything became a bit more summery the children got very interested in the plants around so we developed that into the main ‘topic’ for the term. It was a great success and they enjoyed watching insects, listening to seed heads popping and exploring the changing landscape as we moved from the mountains of northern Spain to the sand and pine trees of Atlantic France looking for the adaptations that plants make to their environment. A science session on fruit and veg had our mouths watering and ended with lists being drawn up for a future vegetable patch with fruit trees.
listening to laburnum popping in the forest

For the last few months school has been fairly ad hoc with a lot of interesting trips to museums and natural and/or historical places as we have (by our standards) been moving on fairly quickly, we have also had two weeks of lovely family visits. We had the usual list of things to be covered and we fitted school time around rainy days and other things. Finally the thermometer started climbing so school work was done in the shade and often in just shorts (only the boys, not me!), I’m afraid that bad parent as I am they carried on working when the temperature was over 30 degrees but by half way through July all the loose ends had been finished and it was time to stop for a break.


I strongly suspect that even though ‘school’ is out, learning will not be stopping, there are still journals/scrapbooks to be filled, museums to visit, jellyfish to watch, boat skills to practise and who knows what else we’ll find. So now it’s time to enjoy the beach and do other summery things The youngest deck hand tells me that he is looking forward to “weeks and weeks” of summer holidays.

practising knots

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