Thursday, 1 March 2012

World book day

World book day

For the 15th international world book day (March 1st 2012) we picked our favourite books and represented them in pictures and words. We also enjoyed playing the games on the book day website. We thought in the spirit of the day that we would share our favourite books with you.

Andrew I love Thomas because he is a model railway. He is friendly and he is helpful.

Richard I like Best Quest because they’re cool, they’re also packed with adventure.

George I like the Sea of Adventure book because of the adventure part. Huffin and Puffin are Phillips pet puffins.

Sarah I have chosen the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett. They are easy to read and transport you literally to another world. The attention to detail in each book is amazing. The characters are so cleverly described that each is brought to life in your mind. Pratchett takes real situations, types of people and experiences then gives it all a twist with lots of real references and a huge historical background each can be read several times and you still find something new in them each time.

Mark The Swallows and Amazons stories contain an unsupervised element of everyday, plausible adventure which appeals to the young. Re-reading the books aloud to the boys has shown the magic survives the years and generations.

Susie she doesn’t really read much but does like to curl up and listen to any story being read aloud.

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