Thursday, 2 March 2017

Boat repair reference books

It's World book day! A celebration of books and reading.

The Skipper is a very practical bloke. He is working his way around the extremely long list of work that needs to be done on the boat, using various skills. There are a number of books which have been helpful, not all of them specifically aimed at boat builders or sailors. Tarquilla is a cold moulded ply boat which means she is made of overlapping layers of plywood strips bonded with waterproof glue.

For anyone attempting anything similar these are some of the books that he has found most useful so far:

The complete woodworkers companion by Roger Holmes. Very useful sections on sharpening blade and wood preparation.

Over 150 essential jigs, aids and devices for today's woodworker by VJ Taylor - some useful woodworking hints, tips, advice and knowledge.

The new cold-molded boat building by Reuel Parker - a fascinating read. The Skipper says, "The section on repairing cold-molded boats gave me confidence when I have needed to repair a cold-molded boat" 

The complete riggers apprentice by Brion Toss. The absolute reference book on knots, splices and rigging. You'll never tie your shoe laces the same way again.

Build your own boat by Ian Nicholson. Number 1 deckhand has been leafing through this book since it was picked up in a second hand bookshop last week, no-one else has had a chance to read it. It looks interesting though.

Diagrams in Build your own boat

Nothing is not worth reading about, even if it is so you can then dismiss it! The screw fix and tool station catalogues are also very frequently used for reference.

Let us know if you have come across any books about repairs that you think are really useful. Happy reading everyone.

Last year I wrote about other sailing resource books. You can find a link to that blog here.


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