Monday, 9 December 2013

To Spanch.

To Spanch – the act of unintentionally using the incorrect language when speaking. Most usually seen in quick responses i.e. hello, yes, no or thank you.

This also includes a sentence unintentionally utilising more than one language (in some cases three or more) which can cause some perturbation not least in the individual attempting to construct the sentence.

The use of French by English people in Spain or Spanish by English people in France can cause a degree of bewilderment to the recipient of the remarks.

It should also be noted that the greeting of English speaking Americans in either French or Spanish can result confusion.

It is possible but as yet untested that Frenglish/Spanglish – the use of French or Spanish by English people in England to English people may led to a perplexed individual.

(Please note - this post is written firmly tongue in cheek)

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