Monday, 25 June 2012

Exploring the markets in France

The French markets are amazing. Food stalls jostle with handbag stalls, people mill around greeting each other with kisses and handshakes, just wandering through the market fills you with excitement. The stallholders work their way through the long queues giving out samples of sausage, a quick joke or a ready smile. The fruit and vegetable stalls have produce in a rainbow of colours; orange and yellow peppers shine brightly, red strawberries lay neatly in rows, plump looking green lettuces wait to be chosen. Dried sausages come in more varieties than you can imagine from duck to kangaroo, with herb coating or flour dusting. The smells fill the air and make you want to take them home to stick in a scrapbook; wafts of cooking meat from the rotisseries, mouth watering flavours from giant skillets and the heady perfume of flowers. Les march├ęs merveilleux de la France.

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