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2017 in books

Which book changed your life?
It's a superfluity of books that counts. Don't just read that one book, everybody: read lots and that will keep changing your life.
Griff Rhys Jones, The Guardian weekend interview 30 Dec 2017

Goodreads review 2017

There were some great ones, some interesting ones and some really useful ones so here is a quick round up of the sea, adventure and boat related books:

Fastnet force 10 & Fatal Storm
These two are first person accounts of two well known tragedies at sea; the Fastnet race of 1979 and the Sydney-Hobart race of 1998. Both of them offer insights and lessons which could prove invaluable to sailors in preparing for sea. Not ones to be read on passage or by family waiting ashore!

One Summers Grace
Libby Purves remains one of my favourite writers and this story of her families travels around Britain in their boat is another great read. Dreamers and cruisers alike might enjoy her tales of travelling with a small family, battling with unfavorable weather, discovering interesting places and swooping along with the wind and currents.

Other books about places special to us that I have read this year include A song at twilight centering on Harrowbeer airfield on Dartmoor and based on historical facts. It had us taking a trip to the moor to find the fascinating remains of the airfield. Lost Plymouth, looks at the changes to the city over several generations and the many Plymothians who have left their mark around the world. More lives than one was another very evocative book which had me roaming the narrow alleys of Venice in my memory even though it is many years since we visited.

Mad, bad and dangerous to know is a good one for those who like to read about adventure. This biography covers a full and interesting life of an amazing man.

Happy new year everyone and here's looking forward to lots more books in 2018

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Goodreads review 2016

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