Sunday, 8 September 2013

Back to school?

It was that sort of time, September had begun, the shops had signs up advertising ‘back to school’ stuff, lesson plans for boat school had been written and were ready and waiting.

As the 3rd of September rolled around for another year, the eldest deckhand had, not unreasonably, asked if we could start back after his birthday so the boys spent the morning reading (literacy) and building Lego (fine motor co-ordination, following sequential instructions) and the afternoon found us all body boarding on the beach (PE, physical geography and team building/PHSE).

By now facebook was full of pictures of children off to school in smart new uniforms but there was a walk that we wanted to do in the morning (PE, nature, physical geography, history, RE and verbal French) then we had to prepare the boat for moving (problem solving, responsibility/PHSE), and write up the journals for Bourgenay (literacy) and another day had gone by with no school.

Thursday morning we were on the move fairly early and travelling most of the day (PE, physical geography, nature, literacy, time/speed/distance calculations/numeracy) although they did listen to music including the new Peter and the Wolf CD I had ordered for boat school. Once we had arrived and had a wander around (PE, French, political geography) that was another day gone. Maybe school could start in the morning?

studying the pilot book
Friday was a sunny day despite the weather forecasts and knowing that there were large shops a reasonable distance away (well, quite a long walk actually) we decided that stocking up was a priority so off we headed to spend the morning shopping (PE, numeracy, literacy, French, political geography, PHSE/lifeskills). After a walk around locally to explore in the afternoon (PE, physical geography, nature, RE) another day and the week was almost gone, by the time they had read their books and played on a new numbers game on the tablet there was no time left for any school work!


So there we are, the lesson plans remain untouched and boat school has not yet started the new term, maybe we could fit some learning in next week?

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