Sunday, 27 January 2013

Have pencil case will travel - boat school update.

This term the boys decided they wanted to spend more time doing other things – learn sewing, do more music, more art………one of the advantages of home education is the flexibility in so many ways – what they learn, how they learn, even where and when. Why stay inside with books on a lovely day when you can go and explore or why stick with a topic which has run out of steam? We are not quite of the completely unschooled child-led homeschooling club but we do try to involve them in decisions so we decided to give it a go.


The main topic this ‘term’ (yes, I use that very loosely) is Space, being part of the national curriculum and endlessly enjoyable for young boys it’s ideal and a topic I had stocked up on resources for before we left. It fits in nicely now as an exciting topic for the start of a new year and as it is dark enough to see stars and other celestial bodies at a reasonable time in the evening.


Demonstrating the orbits of the Earth and Moon etc. in the marina car park.

Art has taken on more exciting challenges including some scary looking alien creatures created out of modelling clay currently drying in the cockpit, technical drawing of space craft and some very creative galaxies.


Sewing started basic with felt cut out initials sewn on to contrasting backing felt for the older two and random stitching on felt using a sewing hoop for the youngest, he loved choosing the colours to use. Having taken to sewing like ducks to water, they have now moved on to bigger challenges. The eldest is currently working on a travelling car mat (mat for toy cars that is not a mat for a car) using felt, the middles mended a stuffed toy himself and the youngest has been involved in creating felt cupcakes.
Random stitching.

We’ve had a couple of pleasant mornings exploring different types of music and rhythm (loudly!) using both the stereo and percussion instruments, and working on new recorder pieces and songs. It has also inspired them to pick up guitars and harmonicas again. They are learning some basic music theory as they go and if I’m honest I’m enjoying playing the flute and recorder again as much as they are!


So the new timetable appears to be working well (OK, maybe a couple of times science or literacy has leaked over to the next day) so we’ll be sticking to that for now. Well, until we fancy changing things again……….



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